“What a husky voice you have, Natalie,” they said.

I looked up at them, wide-eyed and confused.
Husky? I was 6.

Apparently I had something deep, gravelly and not dissimilar to Jennifer Saunders to my
voice. Or so my primary school teacher announced in front of the rest of the class.
These observations lay dormant in the recesses of my mind for a little while...

“Why don’t you do voiceovers?’ someone once asked.

Years later, I would return to this ingenious suggestion.

Inside and outside of work, my voice has been described as husky, soothing, assured, sultry,
commanding, sexy, friendly, smooth, deep, sensuous, natural, clear and warm.

I have a lifelong background in performing arts, which I continued in my spare time
throughout my degree in Spanish and French, which I speak assez bien, más o menos. I channel my acting experience into my voiceover work, and enjoy portraying a wide variety of character voices. My natural speaking voice has a quintessentially English accent.

My experience lies in TV, cinema and radio commercials, radio broadcasting, children’s story
narration, TV idents, corporate videos, promotional films, promo trailers, animation,
pitches, guides and narratives.

I will understand your brand and objectives and mix you up
the perfect amount of volume, tone, inflection and feeling to spark interest, create a memory
and build your brand in your target listeners.

Based in the heart of Soho, I am a stone's throw away from all the London studios and can
be available to record at the drop of a hat.

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