Ballet no.9

July 2014

This trippy, hypnotic and bizarre film holds a universal message with which most of us can connect… The world assumes a wonky edge, the city feels elusive and your vision gets hazy.   As you stare into the abyss, a mesmeric kebab looks back at you. Within this somewhat familiar alcohol-induced end-of-the-night visual context - most perfectly and appropriately set in a kebab shop - we hear a little voice. We are given a snapshot into the soul of someone trying to find love in this world. The delivery is neutral and unmoved against the heartfelt warmth of the message itself, as we are told that a special someone can come along “shimmering and graceful… making us think a little less, feel a little more.” This desirable creature materialises from out of the blue, captures our heart, only to disappear as suddenly as they appeared; leaving us wanting more, staying in our minds and twirling in our thoughts. It is short, poetic and sweet. In all its weirdness, it provides us a view into the heart of a lonely being.

Creatives: Michael Eichler & Sam Bishop @ Creature London
Director: Matt Barton