lurpak commercial


Ok if you want a laugh, listen to this one. 

Blink, or whatever the aural equivalent of that would be (cover your ears?) for literally one second and you will miss it.

I appear at 00:00 – 00:01 (PRIME TIME-CODE) before the sensational butter-melting voice of Rutner Hauer chimes in to take main stage. 

YES THAT’S RIGHT. I appear as the southern belle chef – the HEROINE of the floating TV collage if you will, saying the muffled, barely audible words ‘We’ve got the best meal here for you today’ in my finest deep-south accent, of course recorded with enviable precision as I squinted intently and desperately trying to match my words to hers. If you did actually blink and miss it I took the lib to put the image of where it is below so you are super clear on where to find the magic.