Here is some of what the brilliant creatives, producers and directors with whom I've been working, have had to say about me:


“Combine the smoothness of the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny and the huskiness of Phyllis from Coronation Street and you've got yourself Natalie Blass"
- Ed Mueller, Producer at VCCP.
(Head & Shoulders)

"Natalie is a joy to work with and is very good at saying words. She can say any word, or combination of words you like. In fact, she could probably even say words that aren’t actually words. Like adkjhwaiudhqwidqwui7dn%w. Impossible through most vocal chords, as sonorous as a birdsong through Nat Blass’s. Seriously, try it."
- Ben Robinson & Mike Whiteside, Creatives at Anomaly
(Gordon's Gin)

“Natalie is a true professional and a joy to work with. She has a flair for bringing a script to life and making the session very enjoyable!'"
- Beverley Thornton, Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi. 

"The greatest thing about working with Natalie is that because she 'nails' it first time, you then have time for her to offer up alternatives which are always better than you had in your head. With that husky drawl, I'd pay her to read my shopping list, but mostly she voices promos for me."
- Ita Fitzgerald, Director at 4Creative, Channel 4
(Ch4 Hollyoaks & Alan Carr's Summertime Spectacular trailer)

“I love Natalie's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Often clients approve a read but after playback Natalie assures us she can do better - and does. Very good at hitting specific timings and AV-sync. She has a lovely honeyed voice and is great fun to work with!” 
- Miles Kempton, Sound Engineer at Grand Central Studios, London.
(Olay and more)

"Natalie is a pleasure to work with, a very talented lady, a voice as smooth as the caramel bunny."
- Ned Corbett-Winder, Creative at M&C Saatchi
(Direct Line)

"I have recorded with Natalie on several commercial projects, she is one of the most versatile and talented voiceover artists I have worked with."
- Lawrence Hiller, Producer
(Creator of The Tale of the Ugly Sharkling)

"I’ve asked Natalie to voice a number of productions; from animatic and narratives to brand campaigns. She has a rich, characterful and distinctive voice and is a pleasure to work with." 
- David Jones, Producer at CHI & Partners
(British Gas and more)

“Natalie came highly recommended from one of our senior producers in TV.  After listening through her impressive reel I felt confident that she would be a great choice for our client.  Natalie was extremely professional,  took direction very well and was an overall pleasure to work with.
From what was a tricky retail script, Natalie really brought the ad to life.  I will be passing her on to my colleagues and will definitely be working with her again on future ATL projects.”

- Sinead Murphy, Account Manager at HAVAS

"Working with Natalie is always a pleasure. She makes every session extremely easy – quick on the uptake and a lovely voice."
Estella Alvares, Senior Producer at M&C Saatchi
(Direct Line and more)