Triumph - Commercial

How victorious.
“Goodbye safety pins.”  
“Goodbye anything but sexy feeling’  

These Adieus feed into a fervent protest from an assortment of female voices objecting to those hateful, uncomfortable bras that most girls have all had to endure at some point their lives.

Our separate voices merge and ascend into an audio collage to the backdrop of a beautifully-shot sequence of elegant but evil lingerie. Flickering dancing sparks of fire enkindle the garments and build to dramatic explosions and blazes of smoke in a theatrical ceremonious burning of the demonic bras that pinch, squeeze, itch, cut off circulation ECETERA ECETERA.
I am confident that every girl can relate to at least one of these complaints. Indeed this was a satisfying voiceover. Triumph rescues the situation at the end when we see women standing strong with their perfect fit.